The Dream Big Foundation


In 2001, The Dream Big Foundation was founded by LivePerson Founder/CEO Rob LoCascio.† After 9/11 Rob wanted to make a difference and he saw many NYC families struggling around food access, particularly around the Thanksgiving Holiday.† Feeding NYC, which is our 1st program, †delivered and fed 70 families our 1st year and, since then, we have fed over 43,000 families during the Thanksgiving Holiday with the help of thousands of volunteers. In 2014, Dream Big launched its second program called the Dream Big Entrepreneurship Initiative. The idea is to provide funding, mentoring, and coaching to to local entrepreneurs and to help empower them and the local economy of their communities. Our model for our program will be based around an Entrepreneurs Cafe where our entrepreneurs will work out of a cafe that is owned and operated by an entrepeneur who is funded by Dream Big.
Entrepreneurship is critical to the vitality of our communities.† With small businesses serving as the leading job creators, it is important that entrepreneurs receive the necessary support to help transform their lives and also the members of the community that they serve.† Entrepreneurs from historically challenged areas often face significant obstacles that contribute to their hesitancy to pursue starting a business, including lack of business training, access to business mentors, and access to capital.† We are focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven but lack the resources and skills to take the entrepreneurial leap.


Our Approach


Entrepreneurship Training Program

We are looking for new and exciting ideas that will thrive within their community but also beyond.† We are seeking entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate, driven, and determined to launch their enterprises.†† We are also looking for business models that demonstrate long-term self-sufficiency.† Itís important that the businesses we invest in are able to be self-supportive.†† Our goal is for our entrepreneurs to be an integral part of the long-term economic renewal within their communities.


Where can I send my donation?

Make checks payable to:
Dream Big Foundation
P.O. Box 7059,
New York, NY 10116