JP Morgan Chase Spotlights Dream Big

In the late winter, JP Morgan Chase hired Magnet Media Films to direct, edit, and produce a 5-part series on organizations working to change the narrartive of Brownsville, Brooklyn.  Dream Big was one of the selected organizations and the 3 Black Cats Cafe, our first funded entrepreneurs, were also spotlighted in our piece.  We are so pumped to see the attention being given to the other organizations-Made in Brownsville; Brownsville Community Justice Center; Mott Hall Bridges Academy; and the Brownsville Partnership- who have been working in Brownsiville many, many years before we began our work.
Enjoy the video(https://www.chase.com/news/062615-brownsville-3) and please share with others and feel free to share your thoughts of the video and our Entrepreneurship Initaitive with Pernell Brice, Dir. of the Dream Big Foundation at pernell.brice@thedreambig.org.

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