Entrepreneurs Cafe, Brownsville Brooklyn

The Entrepeneurs Cafe in  Brownsville, Brooklyn is a hands-on entrepreneurial accelerator for urban entrepreneurs.   Our mission is to transform communities by training, mentoring, and investing in community entrepreneurs who have the passion and desire to launch and operate an enterprise within their community.
Brownsville, NY is the first community where we will direct our investment.  While there has been great attention toward other parts of Brooklyn, we believe that Brownsville also deserves the same attention and investment that will help this community to also thrive.  For many years, Brownsville has been known by it’s challenging environment- high unemployment and high levels of crime-but the Brownsville community is robust and extremely vibrant.  We believe that through our entrepreneurial program, the Brownsville community will be empowered to become an equal partner in the coming economic development , through the sucessful launch and operation of their own businesses.
The first entrepreneur that we support will be the owner and operator of The Entrepreneurs Cafe.  From our many conversations with Brownsville residents, we heard that there was a need for a cafe, and we understand the reason why.  Throughout the world, cafés are a place for community members to come together in an informal environment that supports openness, diversity, and community interaction.  We believe that cafés can be transformative spaces where communities will develop closer bonds over a cup of coffee, light music, and great food.  We are looking for a Brownsville entrepreneur who also shares our passion around cafes and is interested in launching their own coffee shop in Brownsville,  The Entrepreneurs Cafe will not only be a centerpiece for the community but will also be the centerpiece for our entrepreneurs and our entrepreneurial training program.
The Dream Big Foundation will provide the necessary training and tools, access to high quality mentors, and investment that the entrepreneurs will need to be successful.  We have a long-term commitment to our selected areas of focus and, as a result, we are fully committed to supporting The Entrepreneurs Cafe owner and the selected entrepreneurs during and after they receive our training and investment.  We are extremely committed to seeing our entrepreneurs thrive so, in turn, there businesses can help play a significant role in the economic renewal of Brownsville.


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