Dream Big Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Dream Big Entrepreneurship Initiative is piloting in Brownsville, BK, an area robust with brilliant entrepreneurs but lacks traditional entrepreneurial resources- training, mentoring, equity financing-, while being comprised by the highest concentration of project housing in the nation and challenges similarily plaguing many areas within New York City and America – high unemployment and high crime. Through our work in Brownsville, BK, we hope, in time, to replicate our Cafe/Entrepreneurship Resource Center model in other NYC boroughs, other states, and throughout the world.

How It Works


Participants will benefit from in-class lessons, tutorials, group mentoring and engaging discussions that will focus on the key elements of starting and running a successful business.


Dream Big is partnering with local business owners who will offer their insight and expertise to help our entrepreneurs achieve their goals and challenge them to grow.


Participants with sustainable business models and the capacity to thrive within the community will receive the seed money they need to make their business a reality.